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Welcome to the new blog home of the ACLU in Peoria, Illinois.

I am Randy Fritz, Peoria ACLU board member, webmaster of aclupeoria.org and moderator of this blog.  I am creating it to substitute for the rather complex and awkward way we have been communicating:  bulk Emails back and forth.

If you are a member of the Peoria, Illinois chapter of the ACLU you are invited to join.  Please Email me and, in that message, choose a username and password for yourself.  I’ll set up your account and notify you via return Email.

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Marriage equality

Thank you, Mr. President, for finally coming out in support of equality in marriage.

Although I don’t see how, I hope your “coming out,” as it were, was done from the heart and not some belief in it creating a political advantage.

Again thank you, President Obama, for being on the side of human equality, and shame on you, North Carolina and all other places that have actively taken away human rights or had the status of rights determined by “popular vote.”